Photographs from Mark Llanuza

Chicago Area Towers – Deval, Lake Street & Canal


Well-known Chicago area photographer Mark Llanuza sent us a number of fine photographs.  Here’s a group from Deval, Lake Street & Canal. Click here to see similar views at Clinton St., Kedzie Ave., Canal St. Bridge, & Wyeville.  Anyone having additional information, comments or corrections – please e-mail the webmaster.   We’ll be glad to have your comments.

Mark – Thank you VERY much for these excellent photos and thanks to Stan Peczkowski, Rex Hauser, Keith Luebke and J.P. Schillace for providing identifications and other clarifications.


Deval Tower

Deval Operator Angie DeSimone (above) worked the 3rd shift in May 1984.  Also working at Deval in those days was Eileen Wright, the relief operator, who worked one third shift.  Eileen had a big dog and always took him to work with her.  Angie still works as an operator at Lake St. Tower.

Here’s Mike Kummer working an afternoon shift at Deval in March 1992.  Due to a fire earlier in the year (2005) that seriously damaged the plant, Deval Tower closed on June 11, 2005.  The operators moved to CY and handle Deval from that location.

Robert Schramm working at Deval in May of 1994.  The device below the flower pot is the Norma Control Board, pictured in more detail on the right.  Mark Llanuza provided the images taken by Joe Leonard.

Lake Street

Four views of the interior of Lake Street Tower taken in September 1983.

Tom Guilbault at Lake St. Tower, 1983.  Our thanks to Stan Peczkowski, former Lake St. Tower Supervisor for many years, who remembered Tom.


This picture is old – probably from the early 1940’s.  Stan Peczkowski took a look at this and believes it’s Canal.  Having been there – he should know.  Stan says the photo appears to have been taken from the tower entrance and the affair at the rear of the picture is the toilet room.  He also recalls that Canal was the last of the “Strong-arm” towers.    Compare this one to the Lake Street Tower picture above and you will see a few changes in “tower technology!”  This photo came from the Williams family estate and the young fellow is believed to be Bob Williams, son of then-President R. L. Williams.  This would put the picture in the 1940-1943 time frame. The picture on the right shows Canal Tower in 1982.





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